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Frequently Asked...

  • Where can I find information about trash service? Information regarding your trash, recycling, and yard waste services can be found here (or click the "Trash Service" menu link at the top of the page).

  • When are the garage sales held? Lakepointe holds two neighborhood-wide garage sales each year. The spring garage sale is typically held the first or second weekend in May and the fall garage sale is typically held the second or third weekend in September.

  • When are the streets plowed? All streets within Lakepointe boundaries are public streets and maintained by the City of Shawnee. Click on this link to view the City's snow removal progress map. You can help by not parking your vehicle in the street until after it is plowed.

  • When are the sidewalks shoveled? The city requires that sidewalks be cleared within 48 hours of a snowfall. Lakepointe residents are responsible to shovel their own sidewalks and the homeowners association will clear ONLY the common area sidewalks. Please be a courteous neighbor and clear your sidewalks promptly.

  • How do I report that a streetlight is out? Click on this link to the City of Shawnee website and send in a repair request.

  • Will Lakepointe ever install a pool? This question comes up quite regularly so here is some background information on the subject: A Brief History of Lakepointe’s Pool Issue

  • What are my annual dues used for? About 45% of your annual dues payment is for weekly trash service. Our negotiated group rate is considerably less than the average paid by single subscriber households in Shawnee. Another 45% of your dues payment goes toward landscaping, maintenance of the fountains & waterfall, and snow removal for the common area sidewalks. Each year, 5% of dues are set aside in a Reserve account to cover large projects like pond dredging or rebuilding an entrance monument. The remaining 5% pays for neighborhood events, insurance, taxes, and administrative expenses.

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