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Frequently Asked...

What day is the trash picked up?

Trash, recycling, and yard waste is picked up on Wednesday; although this may be delayed one day for holidays or inclement weather. Items should be at the curb by 7am. City ordinance allows trash containers to be set out no more than 24 hours prior to pick up. After pick up, containers must be removed within 12 hours and stored out of sight. Best practice: set your containers out Tuesday night and put them away Wednesday after collection.

What is the holiday schedule?
You can check Republic's holiday schedule here. Typically, service is delayed one day following Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.


Service Issues

To report a problem with your service, please contact Republic at 913-279-6033. If you don't get satisfactory results, escalate your issue to our rep, Tyler Riordan, at 816-332-7403 (cell).

Here are some reasons why your items may not have been collected:

  • Containers were not at the curb by 7:00am.
  • Containers and yard waste were not set out at least three feet apart from one another, three feet from mailboxes and light poles, or five feet from cars.
  • Your trash container was over full.
  • Recycling was placed in the container inside plastic garbage bags.
  • Cardboard boxes contained styrofoam or other non-recyclable materials.
  • The driver just missed it (call and they'll come back out the same day if possible).

Other problems to report include containers left in the street, containers tipped over, and spilt trash or recycling not cleaned up.




You can put as much trash in the container as will fit with the lid closed securely. For additional trash bags outside of the container you will need to purchase stickers in advance at City Hall, 11110 Johnson Dr., Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Clerks counter.


Yard Waste

Yard waste must be placed in approved kraft bags (available at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Costco, etc). Sticks and branches should be tied in bundles no more than 4' in length.

  • Limit of 6 bags per week from January to September.
  • Limit of 10 bags per week from October to December.



Curbside glass recycling is not currently available through Republic. However, there is a free Ripple Glass collection site in the Price Chopper parking lot (22210 W 66th St). You can also sign up for weekly curbside pick up through KC Curbside Glass. The cost is $10 per month or $110 per year.


Always put items in the container loose. Never in plastic garbage bags!



Newspaper, magazines, office paper and common mail can all be recycled.

  • Shredded paper is not allowed and should be thrown in your trash instead.
  • Paper can’t be recycled if it’s mixed with other materials. Remove the bubble wrap or plastic windows before recycling padded packaging or security envelopes.



Cardboard (including wax coated cardboard) can be recycled as long as it isn’t contaminated by food, liquid or waste.

  • Break down cardboard boxes. It makes them easier to process and leaves more room for other recyclables.
  • Remove any styrofoam or packing peanuts and dispose of those materials in your trash.



Hard plastic containers (#1-7) like water bottles, milk jugs and detergent containers can all be recycled.

  • Flexible plastics like grocery bags and bubble wrap can’t be recycled curbside.
  • If you can poke your finger through the plastic, it doesn’t belong in your recycling.



Before recycling food and drink cans, remove labels, rinse, and let dry.

  • Aluminum foil is not recyclable and should go in your trash.
  • Some metal cans have an insulated coating that might not be recyclable. When in doubt, throw it out!

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